The Best Car Insurance Deal - Here's How

Cheapest is not constantly finest when buying car insurance. Most drivers have a lot to whine about. Car financing might have improved conditions on the roads as far as the popular Irish pot holes are worried, but the cost of getting your vehicle onto those enhanced roads remains as high as ever.

Not only is the purchase price of automobiles substantially greater than practically all over else in Europe, motor insurance premiums are virtually double the EU average (we pay 98 % more). Since the mid 1980s, claims have actually become more regular and more costly and sadly it is the customer who chooses up the tab!

As a result of such large payouts, customers can anticipate to continue to pay higher than average premiums for a long time to come.

The aspects influencing claims which raise the expense of motor insurance include:

  • the high expense of third celebration personal injury awards
  • the high rate of accidents 
  • poor enforcement of our roadway traffic laws
  • the litigious nature of people
  • the high level of uninsured motorists
  • the price of automobiles and cost of repair works
  • the poor state of our roads
  • claims scams.

It is the location of accident awards which causes the best trouble and one that should be dealt with most urgently.

Ways to get the best offer

In such an environment, ensuring you get the best offer ends up being much more crucial. Rates can vary considerably between insurance business, as can the advantages and the coverage provided.

A survey performed by the Consumer Association just recently showed the value of shopping around, for both price and advantages.

Vital problems to think about when deciding where to put your motor insurance are noted on the following page.

Kinds of cover

3rd party: This is the minimum legal requirement however it only covers your liability to other motorists; there is no cover for damage to your own car. If you can show that the other motorist was at fault, you can assert against their insurance coverage for the cost of repairs to your car.

3rd party, fire and theft: With this cover you have to satisfy the expense of repair services to your automobile if the mishap is your fault. Nevertheless, in the case of your car being stolen or broken into or the car being harmed by fire, you are covered.

Comprehensive: This covers loss or damage to your car, even if the mishap is your own fault. While this type of insurance is the most expensive, it is advised for newer or more pricey vehicles. According to the Irish Insurance Federation, only 38 % of drivers have extensive cover.

Elements affecting costs of premiums


The more youthful you are, the harder insurance companies make it for you to get cover. Some business will not cover motorists under a particular age. They justify this with statistics which show that young motorists represent a lot of claims. The more driving experience you have the much better as far as getting insurance cover is worried.

Type of vehicle:

The market value, engine ability and year of manufacture of your vehicle are all aspects which are considered by the insurance coverage business when quoting your car insurance premium.


Nurses as a profession are not classified as high danger for car insurance purposes. However, if you utilize your car in the course of your work as a public health nurse for example, you might be charged extra. Examine this with your insurance company or broker.


If you reside in or a major city, you can pay 15 % -25 % extra. Smaller cities can carry a loading of about 15 %.


Women are charged less than males by numerous companies because stats show that their claims cost less to settle.

No claims bonus

Insurance business offer discount rates (or incentives) for the number of years you have of claims-free driving. The longer you drive without making a claim, the higher your no claims bonus will be. This incentive can differ from one insurance company to another however as a basic guideline maximum perk is obtained after 5 years declares complimentary driving.

The loss of your no claims bonus can have a substantial affect on your premium. However, some insurers offer protection against loss of no claims bonus offer, which is well worth considering.

Paying for your insurance coverage

Insurance premiums can be paid by cheque or money as a swelling sum when paying for your policy. Conversely, some companies provide the center of paying by installments, but keep in mind that it will certainly cost you a little more if you are spreading your payments over numerous months.

Benefits of an excellent broker

A reliable broker can be important for advice on the pros and cons of various authorities and will certainly be able to inspect the marketplace for you. When it concerns making a claim, if you have a broker many of the tough work will be done for you.